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Dress Code

Ballet – Ages 7 and Older

  • Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet Shoes (leather)
  • Ages 3-7: Pink leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet Shoes (leather)
  • Hair pulled back into a bun

Hip Hop

  • Baggy Clothes OKAY, leggings, shorts
  • Tennis Shoes – NO BAREFEET OR SOCKS
  • Hair pulled back out of the face

Musical Theatre

  • Comfortable clothes (not baggy)
  • Hair pulled out of face
  • Jazz Shoes

All Other Styles

  • Tight pants, capris, or shorts
  • Leotard and/or tight-fitting shirt
  • Hair pulled back out of the face

Note: Please see examples for the appropriate type of shoe needed for your class. They can be found at Empire Dance Shop. (Make sure they are leather.)

shiny kids' tap shoes with tie ballet slippers kids' tap shoes with buckle