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NOTE: You may pay per session or monthly. It is your responsibility to pay monthly until the last day of the registered session

Fall session: last day December 31

Spring Session: last day May 31

Class up to 3/4 of an hour: $40/month

Class 1 hr: $44/month

Love to Dance class: $48/month

Private session: Ranges from $20-$30/session depending on the teacher. To be paid directly to teacher unless using DDA funds.

Please note: if student requires extra assistance due to unique needs or necessary behavioral support, either a parent/caretaker can provide one-to-one assistance or $15 monthly extra-support charge provided we have extra help in the class. This can be requested if student has history of inappropriate behaviors.

DDA Billing is at a different tuition rate due to the diverse needs that are supported in our Love to Dance program.

Important Payment Information

  • Tuition is due by the 5th of each month. Late fees are $15 per month charged to tuition not paid by the 5th.
  • There is an annual registration fee of $15 per student family. This is charged automatically the day you register.
  • There is a $25 fee for all returned tuition, checks, or ETPP.
  • There are no refunds. Tuition, registration fees, and costume fees are all non-refundable.

Missed Classes

  • Tuition is not a pay-by-class and will not be pro-rated due to holidays or absences.
  • If your dancer misses a class, make-up classes or alternate classes are available. Talk with your instructor.
  • Class schedules are subject to change. Any class with insufficient enrollment will be canceled after the first two weeks.
  • We often add classes and move students to different levels throughout the fall to make sure every student is in the best class for them.

Performances, Pictures, and Costumes

Inspirations will announce all performance opportunities, picture days, fundraising events, costumes, and more throughout the year.

Performance Costumes and Fees: $20 performance fee will be charged for each performance long with the cost of the costume. Costumes range from $20-$50 (We are always looking for extra fundraisers to help with these extra fees. Please contact us if you have ideas).